Referral Agent Program

It's SIMPLE - ISDN-NetÂ’s Referral Agent Program allows you to receive a commission of 3% of the total contract value (based on total monthly recurring charges x the length of term) for all businesses referred by you that become new ISDN-Net customers. To qualify for payment, the attached Referral Form must be completed, signed by you and the ISDN-Net Account Executive, and attached to the new service order. Payment will be made to you once ISDN-net receives the new customers first payment.

PAYMENT - Payment will be made in equal annual payments. For example, if a prospect signs a 3 year agreement, the Referral Agent will receive 3 equal payments at the beginning of each year of the contract. The total of the payments will be 3% of the total contract value. Therefore, if the Monthly Recurring Revenue of the contract is $1,000 for a 3 year term, the total payment will be $1,080 ($1,000 x 36 x 3%). The Referral Agent will receive $360 at the beginning of each year of the term.

ALSO - as an ISDN-Net Referral Agent, you will be added to our preferred vendors list used by our Client Care Representatives to recommend vendors to our customers, and from time to time included with our customer billing.

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