Customer Testimonials
Proven in the Trenches

ISDN-Net has offered dependable Internet solutions for nearly a decade. Here are just a few examples:

John Covington

Thank you kindly. By the way, Chris has been absolutely the best to work with. He is very knowledgeable and extremely willing to help. I am quite impressed with him and hope that you'll pat him on the back.

John Covington, President Incorporated



I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and compliment you on your NOC technicians. They're great! Every time I've ever called, which has been a lot lately, they've been extremely helpful. Aside from the fact that they really know their stuff, they're very willing to help out, and they go the extra mile to show me things that the technical support at many other companies would just ignore. They do a great job of taking the time to make sure that I understand what is going on and that my needs are met. Especially helpful lately have been Chris, Jim, and Bob. I really appreciate their dedication to customer service and their senses of humor.

Chris Simpson, A+, MCP+I, MCSE
IS Support
AmSurg Corp

Thank You very much for your excellent work! I would like to commend you on that. You have been very patient in working with me on my problem. I have had to seek the advice of your company multiple times and each time you guys have been there for me. I am really appreciative of that. Not a lot of companies would do that for their customers. Even though is very advanced in technology, you still have old fashioned values and treat customers with the care and respect they deserve.

Shuan Stricklin

I called Jim after I emailed you and he got me setup on the spot. We went and did the install in less than 5 minutes; it is truly the best product I believe you guys have rolled out for wholesale clients like us. We have another install we've already ordered and are going to get a Cellpipe 50 with it, Jim says to come by and he (or someone else) would show us how to do the install, where else do pepole get service like this???

Tell Jerry & Ken that we're still very pleased with our arrangement, and that DSL for wholesale is a great product, and the cheapest I could find the CellPipe online was $399, so great deal on the routers also! We'll be buying all the routers for DSL clients from you guys for each new install, so if it goes the way we hope, get ready for our equipment orders!!! :-)

Thanks again! Paul

Mr. Dunlap - Just a short note to say many 'Thanks' for adding the [Possible SPAM] flag to the subject line headings in the emails that come through your ISDN.NET. I have several different email sources that point to my account there at, and I was getting around 30 to 50 'junk' emails per day. I watched your software work for a week or so,and then applied it as a filter in my Netscape-4.7 - and it works just fine. Just about all the messages it flags really are spam, and it has rejected very few real messages. Thanks again -

I would like to congratulate you on your customer care. I am impressed by the way you keep me informed of changes in your network status by e-mail. I appreciate being in the loop so I can plan and prepare my network availability. Today, Katie called to make sure that everything was running OK this morning after ISDN Net made network upgrades the previous night. I work with several other ISP’s on our WAN and none of the others are nearly as good at giving me that kind of service. Well done.

Our entire complex lost power this morning at approximately 11 am. When the power came back on at 11:30 the loop to y'all (via TDS and Bell South) showed an alarm. I called Bell and was told that Chris had opened a trouble ticket at 11:16. I told Bell that their is no one named Chris works for us so he gave the contact number and I then realized that Chris must work for ISDN-Net. I called and confirmed that with Tim. . . . We have been given several quotes from other telephone service providers and I tell them that ISDN-Net is our data provider and that's the way I want it to stay!

A VERY happy customer!

. . . We needed a DSL connection within a week to meet the deadline of an upcoming performance. . . ISDN-Net not only got our service up and running in time, but loaned us a router to keep us up when our own router failed. . . They have gone above and beyond our expectations for service and they make the experience of working with a broad band connection totally pleasurable. I recommend ISDN-Net without reservation for any Internet and data services.

We have been very pleased with the service and staff at ISDN.Net. As our needs change, ISDN.Net works with us to meet your new needs.

. . . I really appreciate your quick response, and his prompt and courteous service.

We chose ISDN-Net because of their proven track record, ability to provide the services we needed at a fair price, and their promise to install our new services before we were disconnected and avoid and interruption of services. I am happy to say they delivered on that promise! . . . we have been very pleased with the level of service we are receiving from ISDN-Net, as well as a stable network and knowledgeable personnel who respond quickly when we need assistance. I would highly recommend ISDN-Net for your Internet and data services needs.

I am very happy with my services from ISDN.Net so far. Thanks to you and your associates for providing such great service!

I wanted to say thank you for the service that you have provided to our company. Your attentiveness to our needs and your quick responses are greatly appreciated.

. . . In working with ISDN.Net's staff, we have obtained absolute confidence in their ability to provide continuous internet connectivity and unparalleled support in times of need. The courteous and extremely capable staff went above and beyond standard procedures to meet our needs at a very market savvy price. In the future, ISDN-Net will be our first choice to take care of Lee Company's telecommunications needs. We will also recommend their services to all of our peers.

Renal Care Group

ISDN-Net Provides Guaranteed Connectivity to Leading Dialysis Services Company.
Need: Redundancy needs for an always-on connection for critical business applications to be delivered through a VPN network.
Solution: Second T-1 line offered by ISDN-Net.
Bottom Line: Security in knowing that there is a guaranteed back-up by a local provider if one connection should fail.
Reasons for choosing ISDN-Net: Dependable local presence.

WKRN News 2

Reduced News Video Posting Time Enables Local News Network to Respond Immediately to Viewer Needs.
Need: Low-cost, high-speed service used to transfer video for encoding purposes to post news video on website for immediate viewing.
Solution: T1 line.
Bottom Line: Reduced time to post news video from 2 hours to 15 minutes cost-effectively.
Reasons for choosing ISDN-Net: Local presence, cost, service.

Morgan & Thornburg

Dear Sirs,

My company, Morgan & Thornburg, Inc., was a former ACCESS customer. When the acquisition occurred, as computer administrator, I was very upset. We had purchased a Watchguard system from ACCESS two years prior to the acquisition that ACCESS was never able to make work. When I was notified by ISDN.NET of their services and contact numbers, I immediately contacted the Tech Support department. I spoke with Jason about my issues of our system and he put me in touch with Tim Stinson. After lengthy discussion of our network and the "ACCESS problems" ISDN.NET had assumed, Tim assured me that ISDN.NET would make everything right. ACCESS had made the same promises so I was a bit skeptical. However, within the time frame Tim had promised, I was contacted by your representative, Allen Clayton, to make an appointment to make the necessary repairs.

My experience with Mr. Clayton was excellent. His professionalism was impeccable. He was prompt, courteous and dressed in a dress shirt and tie (what I call "church clothes"). Upon his arrival, he introduced himself, shook my hand and explained his credentials to me. He was not condescending as most of the computer techs I had dealt with before. He was honest about his abilities and informative of the procedures he was taking to correct our computer problems with the Watchguard and our internet (ISDN connection) drops. He took the time with me to assure the my understanding of the procedures with the Watchguard maintenance as well as showing me how to make the in-house customizations that I would also need. The VPN, that ACCESS had worked on for two years with out ever accomplishing the actual act of being able to VPN into our office, was also operational upon Mr. Clayton's departure. Tim Stinson, the Operations Director who coached Mr. Clayton and myself via speaker phone during the repairs, offered his expertise with the networking protocols that needed to be changed for easier access and suggested that if I had any further problems not to hesitate to contact him. Before Mr. Clayton's departure, he made sure that I had all the necessary contact numbers so that if any problems occurred, I would not have any problems getting immediate assistance in correcting the issues. I have been a Computer Administrator for several years and have never had an experience as pleasant as this. Please acknowledge Mr. Clayton and Mr. Stinson for their good work and professionalism. The actions of these gentlemen converted a very dissatisfied ACCESS customer into an extremely pleased customer.

Kathy T. Jones